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A good counselor, is like having an anchor in the midst of a storm. Often, trauma or emotional problems can make someone feel as if they were living in a nightmare with no one to help. Other times, people are haunted by guilt and shame for past behaviors or recurrent addictions. We strive to help people, to be anchors. Collins Counseling is a safe, private, non-judgmental place to work through these issues & ultimately find some peace and happiness in life.

Mary Lee Collins, LPC ♦ John Finch, LPC ♦ Kevin Dudeck, ALC ♦ Hazel Woodward, LPC ♦

Becca Goodwin, LMFTAPaul Swaim-Sanders, LPC ♦ Leah Patrick, LPC

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Mary Lee Collins, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Therapist

Bachelor of Science, Psychology, LSU; Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology, UCF; Certified Sex Therapist, American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists click here to be taken to Mary's Psychology Today listing

I specialize in working with those who have sexual concerns and gender identity issues. I am a Certified Sex Therapist and have advanced training in sex therapy.
     As a member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists and the Association for Treatment of Sexual Abusers, I stay current with the latest therapy trends, evidence-based practices, and tools available for my clients and me. 

     Specialized programs: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive-Behavior Treatment, Sexual Offender Treatment, Treatment for sexual paraphilias, Out of control sexual behaviors... AKA "Sexual Addiction", Sex therapy for individuals and couples, Transgender issues 
    Services: Individual Therapy, Couples Counseling, Group Counseling, Sexual offender pre-sentencing risk assessment & evaluations, Evaluations for criminal court cases

John Finch, Licensed Professional Counselor


Paul Swaim-Sanders, Licensed Professional Counselor

Bachelor of Science, Political Science/International Relations/ Troy University; Masters of Education, Community/Agency, Clinical/Mental Health Counseling/ University of Montevallo.  click here to be taken to Paul's Psychology Today listing
I specialize in: grief, caregiver fatigue, palliative care, substance use/abuse, adjustment, depressive, and anxiety disorders.  I have experience in both research and practice related to assisting caregivers in decreasing the anxieties and depressive aspects of providing aid to loved ones. In therapy, clients--individually or with their families--learn to address learned helplessness and ineffective patterns of behavior, increase a sense of control, and improve coping strategies.  
Services: Individual Therapy, Couples Counseling, Group Counseling

Kevin Dudeck, Associate Licensed Counselor

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Hazel Woodward, Licensed Professional Counselor

click here to be taken to Hazel's Psychology Today listing

Becca Goodwin, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate

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Leah Patrick, Licensed Professional Counselor

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